Welcome to the Community Alliance & Action Network! “We are here...” for you!
We hope you’ll become part of the C.A.A.N. family! When you join us as a member, you benefit yourself, your community, and our organization. Here we’ll try to answer your questions about C.A.A.N. membership; for more information, or when you’re ready to join us, just fill out our quick Join Us! Form and we’ll welcome you gladly! And do check out our Volunteer Opportunities and our Current Projects for more ways to be involved!
Who Joins C.A.A.N.?:
C.A.A.N. welcomes all members regardless of sexual orientation, gender, political or religious affiliation, ethnicity, age, etc. All that’s required is that you support the mission and goals of the organization; joining at whatever membership level is comfortable is the best way you can show that support. While the majority of our members come from the Chicagoland area, we invite those from any geographic area to become part of our growing network.
Membership Levels & Benefits:
The benefits of C.A.A.N. membership, both concrete and abstract, are many and vary with membership level. Choose the level that’s right for you, and then fill out our quick Join Us! Form soon! (If you’d like to participate in one of our terrific committees as well, check them out here and then sign up on the same form!)
  • All levels:

  • First and foremost, the satisfaction of making a real contribution, through both your membership dues and your welcome participation in committees, projects, programs, and social events, to the mission and goals of C.A.A.N., as we seek to build community and personal alliances, and alleviate the effects of discrimination due to sexual orientation and/or gender identification.
  • Full use of the facilities at the C.A.A.N. Community Center(s).
  • Full access to the C.A.A.N. library.

    Save money and get a 3-year membership C.A.A.N. by paying for two years and getting the third year free!
  • Individual: (1 year) $40, (3 years) $80
  • Fixed Income/Student: (1 year) $20, (3 years) $40
  • Family: (1 year) $60, (3 years) $120
  • Organizational: (1 year) $120, (3 years) $240
  • Lifetime Individual: $2000
  • Lifetime Couple: $3000
Membership at the $100 level or higher can be billed quarterly: January, April, July, and October. All others will be billed when we receive your interest form. All memberships to C.A.A.N. are valid to July 31st. Your invoice for a C.A.A.N. membership will be prorated so that you will be charged through July 31st of the following year so that if you sign up today, your membership will be valid until July 31, 2008 for a one-year membership and July 31, 2010 for a three-year membership.
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