Welcome to C.A.A.N. Community Alliance & Action Network

We are here...inventing the future!

Welcome to Community Alliance & Action Network...“We are here...” for you!

We are an LGBTQ organization that provides advocacy, support, and outreach services for the lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer community, and our allies, in Joliet, IL and the surrounding area. Our Mission is to build community and personal alliances to better the quality of life of all no matter the sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expressions. We provide education, and advocacy, to celebrate our diversity, and to inform others about issues affecting our lives. Additionally, we recognize the importance of entertainment and leisure activities in fostering community bonds. For those interested in exploring the world of casino gaming, we also provide resources and information about g├╝venilir casino siteleri (reliable casino sites), ensuring that everyone can enjoy their leisure time in a safe and inclusive environment.
We don't believe in the status quo. We believe in equality for everyone!

Let's Unite!:

June 29, 2019 was the inaugural Joliet PrideFest. We had music, vendors, food, storytime, furries, and showtime. Most of all we had fun! It was kid and adult friendly. We want to do it again, don't you? Celebrate pride together! With covid 19 restrictions we'll celebrate together apart!

If you have had any type of incident because of your orientation, gender, gender expression, ethnicity, race, or disability please e-mail us at [email protected]. You may make a report yourself or we can assist you. Feel free to contact Councilwoman Jan Quillman at [email protected]. or you may use the online form Non-Emergency Contact Joliet Police

Respect of others beliefs and the right to express them is what democracy looks like. Let's work to create a community that celebrates diversity. It is our strength. We don't have to think alike in order to work together on common goals.

Modern History:

June 28, 1969 the police were doing their typical raid on a gay bar. The Stonewall Inn in New York City was a gay bar that drag queens, trans men, trans women, and prostitutes patronized, and where homeless trans/gay/lesbian youth loitered around. Being gay was against the law. The cops were doing their job conducting yet another raid on this gay bar but this time the paddy wagons were late. The sight of arrested patrons waiting on the sidewalk drew a crowd from around the community and sparks flew. Frightened cops withdrew into the Inn surrounded by angry LGBTQ people. Police action saved the cops but the riots lasted a few days. Within two years from June 28, 1969 there were LGBTQ organizations not only in every major U.S. city but around the planet. Now same sex marriage is the law of the land. People of the LGBTQ community are in every race, and class. We have every ability, and disability. We are of every age. We won't let them push us back into the closet.

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