Welcome to the Community Alliance & Action Network! “We are here...” for you!
Our Mission is to build community and personal alliances to alleviate the effects of discrimination due to sexual orientation and/or gender identification or expression.
Our Goals:
  • Building a suburban community center where like minded people can meet. 
  • Providing programs, activities, and entertainments to educate and celebrate our community and our diversity. Check out our calendar of events and programs.
  • Educating the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer) community and the traditional community about issues impacting the lives of people with non-traditional sexual orientations and/or gender identification or expressions.
  • Advocating for people with differing sexual orientation and/or gender identification or expressions.
  • Creating connections with other groups in Northern Illinois working toward similar goals.
  • Making the suburban Northern Illinois LGBTQ community more visible in a proactive, positive way.
Learn more about C.A.A.N. Behind the Scenes:
  • Our History: C.A.A.N. began with six people sitting around a dining room table talking about how hard it is for LGBTQ people to connect in the suburbs.  
  • Our Board: C.A.A.N. has three directors.
  • Join Us!: We encourage you to become active through C.A.A.N. Check out the opportunities for volunteering.
  • Our Projects: C.A.A.N. brings opportunities that you can volunteer for, or you can suggest an activity that C.A.A.N. should become involved in. If you wish, you may fill out the interest form.
  • Photo Gallery: Our photo gallery can give you a 'taste' of C.A.A.N. and its members working and playing. 
  • Our Library: C.A.A.N. has a lending library where people can check out books and videos. This collection is growing (donations welcome); check out our latest listings in CSV form here.

C.A.A.N. respects your privacy! Safeguarding your personal information on this website is extremely important to us; read about the steps we are taking to protect it in our Online Privacy Policy here. 
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