Welcome to the Community Alliance & Action Network! “We are here...” for you!
Our Mission is to build community and personal alliances to elevate our quality of life no matter what our sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expressions are.
Our Goals:
  • Maintaining a community center where like minded people can meet. 
  • Providing programs, activities, and entertainments to educate and celebrate our diverse community. Check out our calendar of events and programs.
  • Educating ourselves and others about issues that impact our lives.
  • Advocating for the transgender, gender queer, bisexual, lesbian, and gay community.
  • Creating connections with other groups in Northern Illinois working toward similar goals.
  • Making the suburban Northern Illinois LGBTQ community more visible in a proactive, positive way.
Learn more about C.A.A.N. Behind the Scenes:
  • Our History: C.A.A.N. began with six people sitting around a dining room table talking about how hard it is for LGBTQ people to connect in the suburbs.  
  • Our Board: C.A.A.N. has three directors.
  • Join Us!: We encourage you to become active through C.A.A.N. Check out the opportunities for volunteering.
  • Our Projects: C.A.A.N. brings opportunities for which you can volunteer, or you may suggest an activity that C.A.A.N. should become involved in.
  • Photo Gallery: Our photo gallery can give you a 'taste' of C.A.A.N. and its members working and playing. 
  • Our Library: C.A.A.N. has a lending library where people can check out books and videos. This collection is growing (donations welcome); check out our latest listings in CSV form here.

C.A.A.N. respects your privacy! Safeguarding your personal information on this website is extremely important to us; read about the steps we are taking to protect it in our Online Privacy Policy here. 

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