Welcome to the Community Alliance & Action Network! “We are here...” for you!
News & Events: C.A.A.N. is creating events for our community. Additionally, if there is an event that you want to see at your community center, feel free to contact us with your ideas and information. Below you will find some highlights of C.A.A.N. news and coming events; please check out our more complete calendar with links to specific events and ongoing programs at C.A.A.N. and in the community, and our archives to keep up with what we've done, and where we're going in the future.

We at C.A.A.N. keep going forward. Join Community Alliance and Action Network as your part in helping. If you cannot be an active participant please donate working equipment or office supplies or money. We will put it to good use for our LGBT community and our allies.


 NEWS! October is GLBT history month. C.A.A.N. is proud to be making history in Joliet and the surrounding area. You can be part of LGBT history too.  
NEWS! Community Alliance and Action Network began their youth drop in center for LGBT & questioning youth and their allies. The kick off was "Art Night" C.A.A.N.'s 5th Saturday extravaganza on August 30, 2008 at Universalist Unitarian Church of Joliet.
NEWS! see our blogs page.

NEWS! The center is available for use by other community groups. Call to see what's available. Use it one time or ongoing.
NEWS! Community Alliance and Action Network's First Saturday Movies Nights and Fifth Saturday Extravaganzas are fun! Check out our calendar page for more details on future Movie Nights, and exciting Extravanzas to come.
NEWS! On the library frontCome down to the C.A.A.N. Center Library! We are up to over 1,000 volumes plus DVDs, videotapes, CDs and many back issues of magazines. Members may check out materials for two (2) weeks. Non-members may use materials on site. Everyone is always welcome to browse.
You can access the current catalogued listing online (opens with MS Excel). We do have books that go back decades as part of the collection such as Kinsey's report as well as government reports/books on homosexuality. So, if you need to do research for a report or if you want a novel to read, check out C.A.A.N.'s collection!
NEWS! Our online photo gallery is here! Check it out to get a 'taste' of C.A.A.N. and its members working and playing and "inventing the future."!
NEWS! C.A.A.N. is registered with the Attorney General Office of the State of Illinois. On February 16, 2006, C.A.A.N.'s application to be registered under the Charitable Trust and The Solicitation for Charity ACT was approved; our registration number is 0147575. You can obtain information about C.A.N.N.'s filing by going to the Attorney General site and selecting "Building Better Charities." This is a requirement that needs to be completed before any not-for-profit organization is allowed to fund raise in the State of Illinois. While the Attorney General's office does not endorse specific organizations, it is a good idea to check whether the organizations you do give money to are registered with this office.
For more on these and other past C.A.A.N. events, including pictures, check out our news archive and gallery.
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