October 29, 2005
Mr. Roger Matile, Editor
64 Main St
Oswego IL 60543
Dear Mr. Matile, Editor:
It is with genuine concern for the safety and well being of some of the teenagers attending Oswego High School that the Community Alliance and Action Network for LGBTQ Concerns has chosen to respond to the letter from Aime Langus in the October 27th, 2005 issue of the Ledger-Sentinel.
Assuming that Ms. Langus's letter accurately reflects the facts of the matter, we would like to encourage the people and the powers-that-be in Oswego and the other communities in District 308 to take steps to provide a place of safety and support for youths who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning their sexual feelings.
Youths who are trying to cope with such feelings as they go through puberty need support and encouragement to make appropriate and healthy choices. They need the support of friends and caring adults and we believe that Gay/Straight Alliances (GSA's) in high schools are an excellent venue to provide some of that needed support.
Should you like an organization to provide some leadership for organizing either a GSA or other supportive effort in your community or if you are simply looking for someone with whom to discuss sexuality and gender issues of a more general nature, you can contact the Community Alliance and Action Network through our website at www.canmidwest.org or you can contact other appropriate organizations and agencies through the links we provide.
Tim Pierce, President
Community Alliance and Action Network
Along with
Gini Lester, 1st Vice President, Paul Brumbaugh, 2nd Vice President, Stefanie Freckelton, Secretary, Pete Santos, Treasurer